Jeans Street of Kojima Japan!

【 BLUE BREEZE~ Jeans Street of Mariko ~ 】

Hi, there!  Yesterday,  I had went to Kojima.
I have a question. Why did I go there? Anything in my mind?  Guess!
All need is walking on Jeans Street! 
This is the movie & my new song "BLUE BREEZE".




Long time no see. Don't worry about me.
l'm fine:-)

By the way, these are so beautiful SAKURA! Right? x)
I love SAKURA. so cute & good aroma♡


Did it!! Won the Grand Prize!

Hey, there! I have a great news!!
How wonderful....! This is the life!
We won the Grand Prize of Tokyo earth workers collection.
 It was held in Keyaki hall Kiyose, on Februally 3.
And we were covered by Tokyo paper.
It's just like a public figure!! :-D

Keyaki hall Kiyose morning.
this shape is interesting.

 Pretend TIME a special edition.Haha

In rehearsal.

Many many audience are a real treat [luxury].
I got nervous at the performance but it was fun.
That was a very precious chance and encounter for me.
Thank you!



Happy New Year!

Hi, there :-)
Hope you enjoy, and amazing year!

My OMIKUJI was DAIKICHI(most great one )! HAPPY! haha

2 yummy food ...OSECHI(new year dishes) and TOSHIKOSHI-SOBA(New Year's Eve Buckwheat Noodles).

☆Eating buckwheat noodles, and wishing for longevity has remained as one of the good old traditions of the night.



cheeese!! and cheeeers!!

Hi! I made cream cheese. Great great GREAT!! I did it!! :-)

BTW we are going to sing at Que cafe.
X'mas party〜♪:-)

Let's hang out together! woohoo!


French Bread!

Hey, friends! How are you doing?
I baked a french bread today.
To my great surprise, this is made from Only plain flour! And fat free!
Couldn't be better!
It was surely.... delicious! Haha